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SETI@home 100 units 突破


あけまして おめでとう ございます。


昨年末より参加した、SETI@home ですが、ようやく100ユニットの
ラインを超えました。3ユニット弱/日 のペースです。フル稼働


Account Summary for *******

 Your credit:
 Name (and URL)                  ******** 
 Results Received                100
 Total CPU Time                  843 hr 12 min
 Average CPU Time per work unit  8 hr 25 min 55.3 sec
 Last result returned:           Tue Jan 2 13:32:52 2001 UTC
 Registered on:                  Wed Nov 22 13:51:09 2000 UTC
 SETI@home user for:             992 hr 37 min
 Your group info:
 You do not currently belong to a group.
 You are not currently the founder of any teams.
 Your rank: (based on current workunits received) 
 Your rank out of 2643704 total users is:      382064th place.
 The total number of users who have this rank: 2849
 You have completed more work units than:      85.440% of our users.

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